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Lid Retraction Surgery Newport Beach

Lower eyelid retraction is where the lower eyelid is pulled downward, exposing the lower part of the eye. More white of the eye is seen. This is called “scleral show”. It can create a “round eyed” appearance. This exposure of the eye can cause redness, discomfort and tearing. Lower eyelid retraction is usually due to scarring of the eyelid skin or of the inner layer of the eyelid. This is called cicatricial retraction. It is seen in conditions where the eyelid has sustained inflammation or trauma and in thyroid disease when it affects the eyelids. Treatment is lower eyelid surgery to restore the eyelid to an appropriate position. Most often this involves surgery directed at the tissue causing the pulling down of the eyelid. This usually is done by releasing the scarred tissue and repositioning the eyelid but it may require grafts from surrounding areas of the body.

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