Do you have sun spots and age spots that just won’t go away no matter how many creams you use? Do you wish your skin was looked more refreshed and radiant instead of being dull and damaged? Do you have wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging that are adding years to your appearance?

All these are common cosmetic problems that men and women face all over the world, and unfortunately, they can’t all be treated with products that you buy over the counter. However, they can be addressed with a cosmetic treatment known as the TCA chemical peel. Having been in use for about 20 years, TCA chemical peels work wonders for your skin.

What is a TCA Chemical Peel and how Does it Work?

TCA, which stands for trichloroacetic acid, is a non-toxic chemical that has been used by qualified dermatologists for treating various skin issues for more than 20 years. It is a derivative of acetic acid, commonly known as vinegar.

When this acid is applied on the surface of the skin, it results in the outermost layers of the skin drying up. This then peels off in the next few days, thus revealing a new layer of skin that is fresh, soft, and smooth and has better tone and color.

TCA chemical peels are mostly used as a treatment for melasma and skin damage caused by the sun. In most cases, your dermatologist may prescribe medical creams along with your TCA chemical peel.

TCA is often considered as the most effective and safest chemical peel, and can provide significant results with just one treatment.

What Can You Expect From the TCA Chemical Peel Treatment

TCA chemical peels can be done in different levels or depth, depending on the degree of skin damage and/or the results you wish to achieve. This means that the acid concentration will be high in some peels, while it’s much lower in others.

Today, light to medium depth TCA peels are most commonly used and recommended by dermatologists. For the best results, light-depth TCA peels are administered in two or three separate sessions. When medium-depth peels are used, they are done just once or twice a year in most cases.

The procedure is a fairly simple one. First, your skin will be cleansed using liquid cleanser, alcohol and acetone several times to make sure all the oil and dirt is removed. The dermatologist will then apply the TCA peel solution on your concerned area, whether it be the face, arms, legs, back, neck, or chest.

It is normal to feel a stinging and burning sensation. Your doctor will apply an ointment to help with the healing process.

With a medium peel, your skin will take about a week to peel off before the new layer of skin shows. You will not feel pain, but your skin will look red. Make sure to stay away from excessive sunlight for the next two months or so as your skin will be more sensitive.

The Benefits of the TCA chemical peel

The TCA chemical peel is useful for treating:

• Melasma
• Blemishes like sun spots, age spots, wrinkles, fine lines, and superficial scars
• Sun-damaged skin to reveal a new layer of refreshed, revitalized skin
• The early signs of aging

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