Did you know that your excess fat can be used for cosmetic purposes? There is a procedure called facial fat grafting which involves transferring fat from one area of the body to the face to improve its aesthetic appeal. The technique is used to utilize the fat tissues present in the body for cosmetic facial grafting.

This can be done to reduce the lines and wrinkles on the face that appear as a result of the aging process. There many great benefits of this procedure, one of which pertains to the fact that it is is performed using one’s own fat cells, which reduces the probability of allergic reactions or rashes by a large extent.

With synthetic products, there is no guarantee that the patient’s body will react positively to the product. In some cases, there can be an adverse reaction to a certain material used in the procedure, but with the cosmetic surgery arising out of the patient’s body itself, the scope of allergic reaction is low.

The motivation to undergo facial fat grafting may not be the same for every patient. Each person will have an unique area of concern that can be rectified by facial fat grafting. What is important for a doctor performing the treatment is to evaluate the overall shape of a patient’s facial structure before coming up with a plan of action to perform the surgery.

In many cases, you can tell a person’s age by analyzing the features on their face. The first things you may notice are any prominent fine lines and wrinkles, but there are other things as well. Someone’s skin may look tired and dull, you may notice hollow areas in the cheeks, and sagging skin.

These are all changes that occur as a result of the aging process, but they can be remedied by allocating fat from other areas of the body to the facial region.

The fat used in a fat grafting treatment can be extracted from areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, hips, or thighs and will be purified and used to fill various areas of the face. The fat will be removed using liposuction.

This is a major plus point for a lot of patients as this type of treatment provides them with two benefits. One benefit of this surgery is patients are able to recontour their face with natural results and the second is they can remove fat from another area of the body for a slimmer appearance.

After the treatment is completed, you’ll notice that your face will look more full, radiant, and youthful.

There are other advantages of facial fat grafting as well:

• This procedure helps in smoothing fine lines, scars, wrinkles, and other kinds of blemishes that may be present on a patient’s face.
• It also highlights and bulks up the areas of the face that require fillers like the lips, temple, and cheeks.
• The procedure leaves the patient with longer lasting results and more natural-looking skin when compared to the results of synthetic products.
• This is a minimally invasive procedure which means there is a low to almost no chance of post-surgical marks being left behind.

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Fat grafting is a great way for people with a surplus of body fat to improve the look and feel of their facial skin. It can eliminate wrinkles, fill out deep hollows, and help you look younger than ever. Interested in learning more? Contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Wenjing Liu today.