Smoker’s lines, also called lipstick lines, are the little vertical wrinkles that form around the lips. They appear due to a variety of reasons, including age, genetics, and lifestyle choices like smoking.

It can be a real challenge getting rid of these wrinkles. The good news is that Belotero is the perfect injectable treatment to help you get rid of smoker’s lines.

Belotero Treats Smoker’s Lines

Before the introduction of Belotero, the filler products that were available on the market were able to lift the lips and provide definition, but they didn’t always work well with smoker’s lines. These fillers would overcorrect and cause swellings, bumps, and discoloration.

Bolotero’s Benefits

Belotero is designed to provide multiple benefits. It does an excellent job of reducing lines and folds in the skin of the face. It is ideal for smoothing away thinner age lines like lipstick lines, since it provides a softer fill than other fillers. It also offers long-lasting results – typically, the effects last between six and nine months.

The Belotero Treatment Procedure

Before Belotero is administered, you will meet with Dr. Liu for a consultation. Your medical history will be checked, and your age lines will be examined to ensure that this filler option is the best choice for you. The two of you will discuss your aesthetic needs and goals. If you have any allergies, be sure to inform Dr. Liu.

A Belotero procedure won’t take more than fifteen to sixty minutes. During this process, Dr. Liu will first mark the treatment areas to guide the injections. The Belotero injections will then be delivered. A majority of Belotero products have a local anesthetic in them called lidocaine. This helps to numb the area to any pain from the injection.

Once you are injected with it, there could be some temporary swelling and redness at the site of the injection, but these are minor issues that resolve themselves quickly. This is completely normal.

Belotero Is FDA-Approved

Another reason to choose Belotero for smoker’s lines is that it has FDA approval. This means that it has undergone clinical testing and has been proven safe for use. The Belotero injection must be administered by a professional, which is why Dr. Liu is perfect to administer the injection.

A Soft and Consistent Filler

Belotero is not only soft but also very consistent. The hyaluronic acid it contains binds with water in your skin and in this way fills the lines in a very subtle but effective manner.

What Can I Expect?

After the treatment, you can expect noticeable results immediately. You can immediately return to your daily schedule.

For 24 hours after the procedure, you should not perform any strenuous activities or expose yourself to the sun. Also, you must not take any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin. Finally, be sure to refrain from consuming any alcohol.

Contact Us for a Boletero Consultation

Bolotero is a proven non-surgical minimally invasive solution for smoker’s lines and a variety of other wrinkles. You can achieve a more rejuvenated appearance in no time at all.

Are you interested in looking more youthful? Contact our office to schedule your Bolotero consultation with Dr. Wenjing Liu. As a highly skilled board-certified ophthalmologist, she can help you achieve the look you desire by implementing numerous safe and effective techniques.