The skin on our body is the largest and also the fastest growing organ in our bodies. It is also the part of the body that can visibly displays the signs of aging and affects our physical appearance as a result. Due to its aesthetic value, there have been advancements made in the cosmetic industry to increase the consumer demand for skin rejuvenation treatments.

The most common treatments people are looking for are treatments for acne prone skin. Essentially, acne scars can be mostly preventable, but once the scarring starts, they’re unsightly and causes people affected by them to become insecure about their appearance.

Fortunately, there’s an answer to aesthetic problems like these. It comes in the form of microneedling with PRP. The microneedle device combined with the power of stem cells can help in rejuvenating the skin and improving the appearance of acne scars.

Microneedling And Stem Cells

In the 1990s, Dr. Andre Camirand noticed the advantages that micro-needling had when experimented by treating post-surgical scars with a tattoo gun. Dr. Des Fernandes took this idea further by introducing skin needling using a roller in 1996.

Nowadays, micro needling can be used to treat a variety of skin problems, such as pigmentation, wrinkles, acne, scarring, and stretch marks. Micro-needling is also known as a ‘collagen induction therapy’ for skin rejuvenation.

It is a skin treatment that is minimally invasive and causes controlled micro-injuries to the skin, only to stimulate the growth and production of new collagen and elastin in the skin. It is a natural wound-healing process.

Stem cells are rich in factors that could help in healing wounds, repairing damaged tissues, rejuvenating aging skin, and boosting the growth of skin, hair, nails, and mucous membranes. You can use Microneedling with plant stem cells to treat your facial region and neck.

Benefits Of Micro-Needling And Stem Cells

Microneedling with stem cells has a number of great benefits. It can help stimulate collagen production. The treatment can also give your skin the ability to better absorb skincare products. It does this by creating micro-channels created that provides a path into the deeper layers of skin.

The treatment is ideal for smoothing fine lines, wrinkles, and scars while rejuvenating your skin’s appearance. As it works to enhance your skin’s ability to heal itself, you’ll appear more vibrant, youthful, and beautiful as it works its magic.

How Does Micro Needling Work?

Microneedling uses a device called a “Skin Stylist” that flows along the skin and goes through the upper layers of the skin up to 2mm to create multiple tiny wounds. The skin starts responding by producing new collagen and elastin fibers. Once the stylist is used, the surface starts to thicken and plump up and reduces the appearance of scars, stretch marks, fine lines, and wrinkles.

What Is PRP Microneedling?

PRP microneedling indicates the use of a micro-needling procedure along with Platelet Rich Plasma. Immediately after a micro-needling process, the PRP is applied to the surface of the skin.

Microneedling with the PRP application is an ideal treatment for smoothing fine lines, wrinkles, and scars or even increasing plumpness and overall rejuvenation of the skin. It is important to remember that it is a long-lasting solution that works in conjunction with your body’s natural rejuvenation process. Micro needling stimulates your skin’s ability to repair itself naturally.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Micro Needling?

Microneedling with PRP and stem cells is ideal for someone who wants to improve the appearance of minor skin imperfections such as fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, scarring, and uneven skin tone and texture. It is a safe technique for darker skin tones in contrast to many other skin rejuvenation techniques.

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