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What is Kybella™?

Kybella™ is a cosmetic injectable to treat excess neck fat and slack jawlines. Kybella™ injections use the active ingredient deoxycholic acid to eliminate moderate to severe fat in the neck.

Kybella™ has rapidly increased in popularity due to a number of benefits that it offers compared to previously available treatments:

  • Non-surgical treatment

  • Clinically proven, safe, and effective

  • Eliminates double chin

  • Lower facial rejuvenation

  • Gradual, subtle, natural-looking results

  • Minimal downtime

This treatment is the first-in-class injectable that actually destroys fat cells, effectively shrinking your double chin. Once destroyed, the fat cells are naturally absorbed by the body and do not return.

Kybella™ vs. Liposuction

While liposuction is an effective surgical treatment for submental fat, many patients are not interested in undergoing any sort of surgical treatment. The idea of an operation can be intimidating, and the discomfort and recovery time that comes with it is not an appealing prospect.

Kybella™ is the only approved completely non-surgical injectable fat-reduction treatment. This means that there are no scalpels or incisions involved. 

Commonly asked questions

How does Dr. Liu perform her injections?

Tiny needles, as many as 50 per treatment, are inserted into the fat deposits in the submental area. Once there, Kybella™ destroys fat cells by creating holes in their outer layer. Once the membrane has been broken, the body naturally metabolizes the fatty contents. As a result, this treatment can re-contour your chin and improve moderate to severe submental fullness.

How long does the procedure take?

Each Kybella™ treatment takes 20-30 minutes and requires minimal downtime after.

How much do Kybella™ injections cost?

It is difficult to provide pricing before a patient has had a consultation with Dr. Liu. The cost of injections can vary depending on how many injections a patient needs and how well the patient responds to the treatment. Dr. Liu will recommend a customized treatment regimen for you at your consultation.

Is Kybella™ safe?

Kybella™ is a medical-grade cosmetic injectable, and the FDA requires that it be administered by “a licensed health care professional.” Because Kybella™ is a relatively new treatment compared to Botox or other injectables, it is even more important that only properly trained medical professionals administer Kybella™.

In the hands of the wrong person, Kybella™ can cause side effects, including nerve injury that can cause an uneven smile or facial muscle weakness, or death of skin cells leading to skin sloughing. Therefore, wherever you choose to have your Kybella™ treatments, Dr. Liu urges you to check the credentials and training of the doctor holding the needle.

Common side effects associated with Kybella™ treatments for double chins include:

  • Swelling

  • Bruising

  • Pain

  • Numbness

  • Redness

  • Hardness in the treatment area

  • To ensure maximum patient comfort, Dr. Liu will discuss whether an ice pack, pain relieving pills, numbing cream, numbing shots, or even tumescent lidocaine injections are advisable to help keep the pain under control

  • In rare cases, there can be nerve injury to the affected area

How long does Kybella™ last?

A full Kybella™ treatment requires 2 – 6 injections, spaced roughly 6 weeks apart. Kybella™ destroys fat under the chin and in the neck, but like all related treatments, needs to be maintained. In order to achieve lasting results, you need to avoid weight gain, as any new fat may deposit under the chin and in the neck.

I am very pleased with the Kybella treatment I got from Dr. Liu. I had a moderate double chin and she recommended 8 vials in total over 3 sessions (4 vials first and then 2 and 2 in the following months). The injections were not painful and I had some swelling afterward (mostly after the first shots) but was glad to see the results after completing all the injections she recommended. Being happy with her work, I didn’t stop there and I also did Botox for my frown lines and eyes plus some volume in my cheeks and so far all looks great!

Laguna Beach

Dr. Liu is the top rated oculoplastic surgeon in Orange County.

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