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Wenjing Liu MD

Meet Dr. Liu

Dr. Liu is Orange County's top rated cosmetic surgeon. With years of specialized training and experience in her field, Dr. Liu has earned a reputation as a skilled and compassionate surgeon who is dedicated to providing the highest quality care to her patients. Her commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest surgical techniques and technologies ensures that her patients receive the best possible outcomes.


As an oculoplastics surgeon, Dr. Liu offers a wide range of services to address various issues related to the eyes, eyelids, and surrounding areas. Her expertise in this specialized field allows her to provide patients with comprehensive care and personalized treatment plans.

What Patients Say

Dr. Liu & her staff are top notch! I felt welcomed from the moment I set my appointment until my chalazion removal procedure was complete. Dr. Liu did a great job of letting me know what to expect & ensuring I was comfortable throughout the procedure. Everything healed perfectly – great work!


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